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Thermal Imaging Services
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Applications Of Thermography

Explore the Applications of Thermography...

Because today's technology is so reliably accurate, medical thermal imaging's overwhelming value is the ability to reveal the earliest possible indication of abnormal metabolic and functional activity that inherently reveals itself as temperature variations on the surface of the body. It is often so early that currently utilized anatomical testing like x-rays and MRI's cannot detect microscopic or pre-clinical conditions that are evident on the thermographic image.

This makes thermography the screening modality of choice for preventive care practitioners

An abnormal thermogram is widely accepted as justification for further clinical evaluation. The examination is harmless and painless. Explore the most popular applications of Thermography!




Head & Neck
    Sinus conditions: patterns can be seen in the forehead, the ethmoid sinuses with drainage patterns into the lymphatic pathways


Dental pathology: signs of inflammatory conditions deep inside the gums and peri-oral regions also present with confirming drainage patterns


Carotid artery health: Inflammation in the carotid artery is now considered by cardiologists to be the cardio vascular disease itself. There is no other way to detect this early indication of evolving cardio vascular disease


Thyroid patterns: subtle cold or warm patterns over the area of the thyroid can alert the practitioner to evolving gland dysfunction


Lymphatic activity: known for its function of cleansing and recycling the blood, the activity around the lymphatic system is highly valuable information and easily observed



Breast Screening
  Infrared thermography is best known for breast screening and is one of its highest and best uses.


Because of the nature of the development of breast disease and the fact that a tumor in the breast is slow growing, taking 8-10 years to mature into a visible growth, thermal imaging is ideal to detect the highly visible vascular activity that facilitates tumor growth, even in its microscopic stages.




Health Screenings
    The Health Screenings have become very popular with patients who are actively seeking preventive methods of preserving health. This is a combination of the head/neck/thyroid images, the standard breast study with the addition of the chest and upper back to facilitate the physiological detection of degenerating heart function.




Health Screening Plus
  The Health Screenings Plus includes all regions of the Health Screening plus the abdomen and lower back with a front and back long view of the trunk. This study is preferred and requested by patients with concerns in the abdominal, bladder, gynecological and lower back areas. This covers all vital organs.


While thermography cannot diagnose problems in these areas, it can detect thermal abnormalities that would justify further evaluation.






General Inflammatory Conditions
    Inflammation is another word for heat.


Although inflammation is a functional activity that brings blood to an injured area for healing, it is often subtle in its activity, as we are not always aware of an "injury" as it can be microscopic.


Inflammation is now accepted by main-stream medicine as the earliest stage of nearly all life-threatening diseases. This application for thermography has only just scratched the surface.



We have a tendency to focus on the hot patterns with infrared thermography, but there is a great deal of valid information in an asymmetrical cold pattern, as densities tend to be cold rather than hot. The larger they grow, the colder they present on the image.


Again, thermography cannot diagnose densities, but it can bring an otherwise unnoticed condition to the attention of the practitioner for further evaluation.


Possible Asymmetric Densities


Muscular-Skeletal Stress
    A patient already knows if they are in pain, but thermography can contribute to the analysis of a painful condition. It can reveal and differentiate a muscle spasm, pinched nerve, radiculopathy, referred conditions, hairline fractures, inflammatory conditions and much more.


Muscular-Skeletal StressMuscular-Skeletal Stress




Thermography is not a stand alone diagnostic device and does not replace any other diagnostic device or examination, and  is therefore used as an adjunctive screening tool with other such devices and examinations.


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